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Spartan Tactical

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In an effort to get my ARMA fix and desire for a larger ARMA group off the ground I have started a new organization in ARMA called the Spartan Tactical Group (Spartan Tactical or SPARTAC for short). It's based on the premise of a private military company t(o allow for the freedom to bend the rules as I see fit essentially). I've recruited two other guys with some ARMA clan management experience and explained to them the ideals I want to base the group on (mXm ) and we're starting to recruit. 

We have a dedicated server and teamspeak operational and hope to get off the ground shortly;

So if you see me on a different profile with a SPARTAC affiliation that's whats up. Everyone's welcome to game with us as well :)

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3 hours ago, andy19 said:


Lol. Consider it the arma division of mXm?

1 hour ago, andy19 said:

So do we have to go through the recruitment process like all the other noobs?

No I can add you if you want no problem. 

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