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Rocket League Tips

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A decent list of helpful tips when playing RL.


  • Get comfortable with ball cam, and get used to switching it off when appropriate (looking for boost, when the ball is right overhead, etc.)

  • Change your camera settings. Especially try getting used to a larger FOV. Google will find some popular settings for you.

  • Turn off camera shake. Most people find that it's just a distraction and play better without it.

  • Use headphones. You'll be able to hear your teammate boosting for the ball or an enemy coming to demo you.

  • When the ball is in the air, a quick glance at the ball indicator on the ground will tell you roughly where it's going. The circle within the circle shows you how high up the ball is.

  • Spread out! Except when making a shot or a save, you should basically never be close to your teammates.

  • Supersonic speed is the fastest you can go. Boosting while you're supersonic only wastes your boost, so let go once you hear that "boom". (However, if you let off the throttle and/or start turning, you'll lose some speed. So if you need to remain at supersonic speed while turning (e.g. to demo someone), you'll have to keep boosting.)

  • When rushing back to your own goal to defend, use the powerslide to turn around quickly and avoid slamming into the back of the goal and flopping around like a fish while the opponents slam it in.

  • Trying specifically to ram the opponents almost always puts you out of position. But when you see an opportunity to do it, it's almost always very helpful. Just hit them when it's convenient to do so.

  • A hard hit on an opponent's car is often better than a demolition. Remember they respawn next to their goal with 34 boost in the tank, so use your judgment.

  • A front-flip as you ram an opponent will send them flying even farther. If you are sent flying, do a front, side, or back flip to recover faster (this became possible in patch 1.12).

  • Don't get in the habit of always doing a quick "doubletap" on the jump button for flips. Pausing between the first and second jump (and holding down the button) will give you more height, which can make all the difference.

  • If the ball is rolling on the ground, try driving straight into it without jumping. This is called a chip shot, and it will pop the ball into the air and makes a good clearing shot. If you're trying to score at close range with this shot, slow waydown first. It's super easy to bang it off the crossbar.

  • You can get a lower chip shot by single-jumping just before contact with the ball. The earlier you jump, the higher you contact the ball, and the lower the trajectory. Jump too early though, and you'll hit the ball above the halfway point, which usually is not what you want.

  • To get a hard hit on a bouncing ball, strike it a fraction of a second after it hits the ground. It'll go twice as far as if you'd hit it right before the bounce. Conversely, if the opponents are far away and you want to keep control of the ball, hit it just before it lands for a soft shot that you can follow up on.

  • If you're missing the ball too much, slow down.

  • If you start closest to the goal, grab the closest small boost and stay in goal until it's safe. You have plenty of boost to make two flying saves without running over to get the full boost in the corner.

  • If you start closest to the ball, take the shot, unless you and your team have made a different plan.

  • If you and your teammate are equally close to the ball at faceoff, go for it unless your teammate says "I got it!". If you're going to call "Take the shot!", then do it early.

  • If you need boost and you're driving near a full boost that isn't spawned, drive over the spot anyway. You'll be amazed at how often it'll pop just as you go over it. Don't go out of your way, though, or even worse, camp it.

  • If you're flying through the air, try to land with your car pointed in the direction you're moving, so you don't lose your speed.

  • If you don't want to spin out when you land, make sure your back wheels touch first. Whichever wheels touch first will be dragged back by friction with the ground, so you want that to be your back end. Land front first if you want to be driving backward when you land.

  • If you can't get your car turned in time, hold powerslide as you land, and release it once you're pointed in the desired direction.

  • If you find yourself on the wall pointing upward (for instance after an aerial attempt), don't make a U-turn to drive down from the wall, that takes forever. Instead reverse slightly, jump, tilt backward, then do a half air roll to land on your wheels.

  • The side-flip is a great way to hit a ball that you don't want to pop up into the air.

  • Resist the urge to make weak hits. If you can't hit the ball hard and in the right direction, drive away. The exception of course is when you know the opponent is about to hit it, but all too often what happens is that your teammate was about to make a great hit, but instead you dinked it just out of their reach, then bad stuff happens.

  • Be very careful when driving toward your goal with the ball between you and your goal. Either be on the opposite side of the field from where the action is, or drive on the wall, to avoid running into the ball or your teammates.

  • Don't backflip, ever. Just don't do it. Worry about the exceptions to this rule once you've advanced to the point that you don't need a list like this. (NB: This one is controversial, and I could have made it clearer that I'm talking about hitting the ball with a backflip, i.e. bicycle hits. It usually just stops the ball dead, which is almost never what you want. Read lots more about this in the comments!)

  • Don't chase the ball into the opponents' corner. Instead, wait by the wall and see what they do with it. Very often it'll be something bad and you'll get a great scoring chance.

  • When clearing the ball out of your zone, either hit it softly to the wall or hard down the middle. Never hard to the wall or soft to the middle (i.e. centering it for your opponent).

  • When driving on the wall, try using car cam.

  • Look for opportunities to pass! If you're taking the ball downfield then probably the other team is focused on you. If you have a chance to send it over to a teammate, they'll probably have a great scoring chance.

  • Don't bother with weak shots on goal, unless nobody is there to defend. All that happens is they get an easy clear. If you can't make a solid shot, then dump it to the corner instead.

  • Dribbling can be very hard to defend against. To have the best chance, be patient and watch the car, not the ball; this will tell you which way the ball will go if they hit it. If you make your move too early, they'll beat you easily.


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