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The Great Purge of 2015

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Every year, roughly post-E3, I end up deleting a number of games from the console that I haven't played in awhile. Its a practice I've had for about five years and it has been liberating. Every game I've removed, save a few, I have enjoyed countless hours of gameplay. Then comes the time for me to take stock of what I'm really enjoying and delete the rest.  Rather than list all the games I have removed this weekend, I'll just highlight what I am playing:

The Elder Scrolls Online


Both of those games are long term commitments for me; I have retained two other games that I enjoy but have no idea when (or if) i'll get back to them anytime soon:

Grand Theft Auto V

Project Cars

Over the next 6-8 months, I'll be adding two games to the rotation alongside TESO and Destiny:

Star Wars Battlefront

The Division

I expect to get a lot of time in with both of those (in different ways, for instance Battlefront is going to be the title I run two when I've got a relatively small window of time, like 15-30min).

I thought it would be a good exercise to share with the rest of the mXm family what my gaming hustle is looking like right now. At the moment the only title I would cross paths with anyone here is Project Cars (Andy, I've been appreciating your invites even though I don't accept them at the moment!) Maybe I will see some of you on Battlefront as it looks like it will be a solid replacement for the latest Battlefield, which I couldn't get into that much.

At this time I still think I am building a game PC in January, but we'll see. There have been some goings on in my life recently that has me reevaluating whether or not to buy one at all.

Hope you all are doing well. Be easy and take care!


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Please don't loose hope on building a Game PC ... Honestly now that I finally have a gaming rig (that could still stand some upgrades) I keep thinking to myself why did I not do this a long time ago ! 

Now keep in mind I will never give up my PS4 . mainly because if they make a good game for the ps4 I would much rather buy the disk and play it on that . PC mainly opens to the world to a new variety of game play . Games that the PS4 or Xbox don't want to spend time or money on ...  EVEN in this age of buying DLC . 

The 2 games you are looking in to getting SW Battlefront and Division . I would definitely get for the PS4 . I will probably catch up with you on Division at some point . but my biggest title I am waiting for it "NO MANS SKY" that I am going to get for the PS4

The advantage to PC gaming is bringing back that feeling I had when I started gaming all together . The Only games I had for my PS2 was Socom . My children had others but I ONLY played SOCOM . ArmA started to bring that feel back , But Last night I played Insurgency for HOURS in a 16v16 room of old Socom maps along with some Insurgency maps in between  . It reminds me of how much I SUCKED at socom then and still do to this day , But the community of people are there . Not the Run and gun crowd of console gaming , I am talking about the crowd that "while they are dead" are willing to watch you camp a spot for the good of the team and not trash talk you for it . If you fail , it is a" NICE TRY . we will get em this next round"... and at the end of most games you will see both side in the chat box type "gg" ... 

My Search for the elusive  SOCOM feel has been fulfilled many times over with Insurgency SOCOM:INS . and I would strongly encourage any SOCOM junkie to really give it a go . it is a lot better then the counter strike version (I have played both at this point). 

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I've mostly been playing pCARS obviously. Really been enjoying it. I've also starting getting back into Far Cry 4. I bought it around Christmas and only put maybe 10 hours into it, despite really enjoying the game.

Other than that and the occasional PC game (Arma 3, BF:BC2, Assassins Creed 3 which I picked up from steam for like $5), I haven't been playing a ton. I want to get Battlefront and the Division as well, also the new Rainbow Six game coming out. It looks quite good so far.


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As a clan we had a big go at the first couple of Battlefronts, so I anticipate it will be the same on this generation of consoles. The Division we all have been waiting for, and its nice to finally get a solid* release date, despite it being next year. And the RBS: Siege is our cup of tea as far as game play. 

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Strange, my last reply here was deleted (or I never hit submit).

Project Cars was the latest game purged from my library; it is a fantastic game and I believe will have a ton of longevity among the simulated racing community. I am just not willing to put the necessary laps in to really make it worth playing.

I noticed The Division is getting a beta in December on XB1, so hopefully a PS4 beta will quickly follow!

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*Elder Scrolls Online:

I have met quite a few people on there that are fun to raid dungeons with and learn about the game.  What is enjoyable about ESO is the fact that they say "here you go" and play without a ton of instruction.  I find myself checking forums to learn how to do certain things or go to the market in-game and ask people how certain things work.I am a level 13 Dark Elf and plan on playing this game consistantly throughout the remainder of this year. 

*BloodBorne / Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin:

I first started playing Demon's Souls back in 2009 when it first came out and found that I wasn't ready for that type of beat down by a game and didn't have the patience to learn its ways, but the release of Bloodborne brought me back to the series and I have since gone back and bought Demon's Souls, DarkSouls1 and the ReMastered Dark Souls II and enjoy these games immensely now.  The sense of reward you get when you finally figure out and conquer an area is unmatched.  Its a bit of a sadistic game as it will laugh at you and not care if you spent 2 hours playing an area and make you lose all of your progress.  Its a game like this that tests your mettle, but if given the time and discipline, it can be the most rewarding game experience out there.

Borderlands Collection:

These games are highly underrated and are the best FPS RPG on the market in my opinion.  The 60FPS and packaged with Borderlands 2 and the Pre-Sequel was a no-brainer purchase for me.  Plus, you can roll over your previous game saves onto the re-master so that was icing on the cake for me.  (I have Far Cry 4 Andy and love that game as well, but Borderlands fits that mold and is the better game IMO so I will roll with this one. 

Project Cars: 

I enjoy this game immensely and think it is better than Gran Turismo, but everytime I sit down in front of my PS4, the above games win out.  Ill find a pocket of time where I will crack out on this, but I don't know when.

Battlefield Hardline:

I have had a ton of fun with this game but when  mXm jumped on the ARMA train, I have yet to pick this back up.  I don't know why but I will play this again in the future.

Future Targets:  Fallout4, No Man's Sky




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