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Sons of Guns

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So i dont know if anyone else caught on to this show on Discovery Channel. Sons of Guns.

from Wikipedia:

"Sons of Guns is a scripted reality television series that airs on the Discovery Channel.[1] The series centers on owners Will Hayden and his daughter Stephanie who manufacture and sell custom weapons at Red Jacket Firearms LLC. Red Jacket Firearms, located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, was opened in 1999.[2] New season 2 episodes are being broadcast at 9 PM E/P on Wednesdays (as of 07/14/2011). According to the ending credits of the show, the music played through the title sequence is "Shelter Me" performed by Tab Benoit."

It primarily focus' on fun gun modifications and typically real-life applications. For instance, they did a machine-gun mount, by mounting and modifying 3 M16 rifles to fire fully auto, using 'B' mags (double-drum mags), and water cooling the barrels; then mounting it on a river patrol bout for the river sect of the coast guard (if i recall correctly). The focus of course was on taking 3 M16s and making them work and operate as a 3 gun mount without overheating. Other interesting weapons include a silenced grenade launcher, refirbing a REAL WWII flamethrower for a MOH recipient, who himself used simaler flamethrowers to achive his MoH status during the war; and many other cool weapon mods. If you havnt had a chance, check it out!

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