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SIFTD Unveiled! New Gaming Site

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There is a new site coming out developed by Shane Satterfield and some ex-Gametrailers employees for those of you like me who are pressed for time.  I have attached below a demo of the site that shows how its going to work when you set up your feeds.  I strongly wish you all to check it out as this site is built for gamers like us.  Also, look them up on youtube as Shane and Marcus Beer (ex-Invisible Walls/ guys) do a show called GameFace that will also be on the site. 

Shane left going on 2 years ago and this is the site he has been working on since.  Check it out!  I think you will dig it!  (I know it says episode 3 of GAMEFACE, but this is the shoe he does the live site demo.)  This is awesome.



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