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[MIA] Application for membership.

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Hello there, everyone. 

My name is Justin, I'm 19 currently employed, I live in South Florida.  

My gamer tag on Xbox and Ps4 are both ClosedJustin. I do not currently own an Xbox at the moment, but I play on Ps4 and play steam games from time to time. 

I just got the Ps4 so my game library is limited for now but I play Destiny, Farcry 4, and CoD AW.

I'm actually here because I saw your twitter and realized I'd never been in a clan before so and realized my overall gaming experience was boring, always playing alone and all. I have always wanted to be in a clan. I'm am a pretty avid gamer and, I'm not going to lie, pretty good at FPS, racing games, and MMORPGS. I feel like being in a clan will, tatically, increase my skills all around. I'm not a very competitive gamer, I always play for fun. 

I'm a pretty funny guy, I have a decent amount of free time, which I play games with, lol. I love all kinds of people and I'd love to get to know you guys, you all seem pretty cool. And I hope that I can be a part of your group.

Thanks for hearing me out--

Justin T.

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Well thanks for stopping by and saying hello. Our application process is not too difficult, we encourage you to participate in the forums, and we will send out some invites on PSN, and we like to try and play with a person a few times to get to know ya (although that rule has been bent a few times).

Once that has been accomplished, mXm members will hold a vote, and letcha know.

We do not care how good you are, good or bad, just want to see if we all get along. We are also mainly a Playstation clan and some of us dabble in PC gaming as well.

Look forward to seeing ya online.

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