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    DESTINY: Jumping the Hellmouth

    Very cool... I was reading some debates on future content related things and one of the main requests was to make the Sparrow worth something other than transportation. Like put some guns on there and make it more useful. I am all for that. I found upgrading the Sparrow very marginal at best. What I do know is Bungie is always listening.
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    Project CARS

    This is the same studio that made the Need for Speed: Shift series of games. Unfortunate its delayed. FYI, Driveclub servers are up and stabilizing so the free version should be out soon for those wanting to test it.
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    Rainbow Six: Siege

    I saw this yesterday and was trying to post this, but for some reason I am not able to imbed links or images etc. Strange. I love the thought process behind this. How cool to be in the dead room but be behind a surveillance camera and call out campers! lol
  4. 'Tis the season for MAD GAMING!

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    The dark side of the gaming industry and community

    I was reading this in bed last night... sickening! I think the sad thing about the internet is it allows people like this to say whatever they want and hide behind a computer
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    Advanced Warfare

    Here is the one thing that kills me about COD. Everyone complains about it, and every year, everyone swears they will never play it again etc, but truthfully, I never find people playing anything but TDM which does get stale, but a good way to get your aim down and practice. Search and Destory truly is the best way to play it. (CTF was an omission from Ghosts which was ashame). One death per round (socom style) and it gives you the same sense of stress being the last man standing while everyone watches. I enjoyed Ghosts this year and was the only one in the clan to play it along with Induced Horizon. I feel the same way about Battlefield though, was a huge let down (BF4) with the way it was launched and never recovered for me. H-Hour comes out March 2015 on Steam (PC) and is in full production with the PS4 version soon to follow.
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    GTA V PS4

    BOLD, what HD do you recommend on the 2 TB size? I need to do that now since I am already deleting stuff for space. Thanks in advance.
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    Advanced Warfare

    I wll be picking it up, and DriveClub this week. Matt are you getting the PS4 with AW?
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    Ride the Harley into the Sunset!

    Here are my Les Pauls...
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    Ride the Harley into the Sunset!

    and by the way... that Sunburst Les Paul guitar at the end of that video... I have 3 of them! My muse is my guitars much like your love of bikes.
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    Ride the Harley into the Sunset!

    Great Video... I actually felt like I was watching a modern Cheech & Chong movie. Well done and I liked the song. I am predominantly a guitar guy but I enjoy a good song when I hear one.
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    DESTINY on PS Vita

    I have yet to try it... why is it not useful? does aiming take a hit or does it feel clunky?
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    I am going to Vegas, to PLAY VIDEO GAMES!

    BOLD and Matty, and everyone for that matter! Download the Pinball Arcade on PS4! (I already had them on PS3 and on my VITA) All of those authentic Pinball games are on there! Funhouse, MArs Attacks, Pinbot on down the line! I also love TAXI and Terminator machines, as well as Star Trek. I am already on there so get to downloading so we can post high scores! I also own all of Zen Pinball 2 tables. Glad to hear other Pinball lovers are in this clan. I thought I was alone. O~
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    You Never Leave a Game Behind

    This is the best article I have read regarding a SOCOM revival. H-Hour is going to do that, but I wish SONY would wake up and just fund SOF studios and bring it back in-house and call it SOCOM: Rebirth or something like that. H-Hour is cool, but to have the SOCOM banner flying over that game with David Sears at the helm would make way too much sense! and could make $$$$$$$$
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    Destiny classes

    I thoroughly enjoyed the Hunter class in the BETA and am thinking Ill give the Warlock a little more time as Im not that deep, but I see myself eventually going back to the Hunter class. I like the guns aspect of it and got good at switching them off in big battles when needed.
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    DESTINY: Voice Chat Explained

    I still like the socom method of chatting... I think proximity chat for open mic, and tap to talk for team chat.
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    BEST, COMMERCIAL, EVER... They should have had Ray Rice instead of Kevin Hart in the beginning knocking his wife out!
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    DESTINY on PS Vita

    Awesome! As I see about 50% of my gametime with Destiny will be on VITA.
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    I am playing this on my VITA right now as we speak on my lunch break. I didn't post anything on it as I thought it would be outside of most people's radar. I am glad you posted this. Also check out Hotline Miami Andy. That game is right up your alley!
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    Watch Dogs Demo- WOW!

    This looks amazing! GTA style.bWhat is cool is I know the city of Chicago inside and out in my 12 years living there and doing outside sales there so I should feel right at home with this game. Cant wait!
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    DESTINY: Beta Impressions Discussion.

    Hello All, I know a few of us in clan have had an opportunity to play the BETA for Destiny and would like to start an open discussion about the potential of this game. I know currently, Balz, Bold, and myself are playing the BETA. I would like to share my initial impressions to help those in mXm who are following this game. First off, I would like to say its a beautiful looking game. The vast worlds and textures even in BETA look superb! But I do not want to get into graphics and the like since I really want to go over the mechanics and feel of the game. For those who have played Borderlands, Halo, and Mass Effect, you will see a lot of gameplay elements from these games incorporated into DESTINY. I, for one, loved the addiction of Borderlands where you would find and collect massive amounts of loot, guns, ammo upon exploration and from killing enemies with weapon drops etc. In my first few hours with Destiny I have to admit I found myself looking for more loot drops and finding chests and be rewarded for looking beyond the obvious paths to your objective but I am thinking, maybe in BETA, these things aren't as populated as the final build. That I do not know, but I would love to see more rewards for exploring the terrain etc. Maybe the game is so massive that they limit a lot of these things for the pacing of the game for grinding and leveling purposes. This is a minor gripe, but I felt myself longing for the weapon drops that borderlands provided. Also, My initial feel of the UI was that it was built for PC as you have to use your R3 button for choosing items in the menu screens. It took a little getting used to but got comfortable with it right away. It felt like a mouse was the preferred method for the menus but the R3 button served just fine. Weapons: So far in the early stages, the weapons felt decent and the overall controls felt a tad stiff, even though you can adjust the speed and sensitivity, it didn't feel as tight as BF or COD controls but not a deal breaker at all. I would say its a tad under the feel of BF4/COD controls. Overall, the mission structure is HUB based where you need to chose your destination from a tower via a map. I really like that as sometimes in a game like Elder Scrolls, it can be cumbersome sometimes to walk, but I think for the grand scheme of the game, this is a great decision. Inside the tower you can visit shops to buy weapons, upgrades, and ship repairs/upgrades that feels a lot like Borderlands to me. You even have vaults where you can store your inventory and meet up with your faction to collect rewards for things you find in missions and such. I have yet to get to multiplayer as I haven't hit level 5 yet, so I will let the others comment on this, but this game is a day 1 purchase for me as I see already in BETA how polished this game feels and how awesome it will be to co-op with mXm on here in a way we have yet to do outside of our typical FPS/3PS style. Overall, I wouldn't say this game is groundbreaking as it borrows a lot from itself (Bungie), as well as Diablo/Borderlands/Halo/Mass Effect, but what it does is take the best elements from those games and do it right. Overall so far I am very impressed with the BETA, but I still am VERY early into the gameplay to make more elaborate observations, but this is a must buy for anyone who loves deep immersive gameplay that you can play with friends. More to come... and please feel free to add on for those who are BETA testing. O~
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    The Division

    Thanks for the link Andy. I feel a little better and have no problem waiting for the PS4 version. I don't know how well locking up TitanFall has done for XB1, I don't think locking up Tomb Raider is going to be a game changer. They should have kept all of that money and locked up Destiny since that game is going to be a beast!
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    The Division

    Im VERY pissed Microsoft locked up exclusivity for TOMB RAIDER. Touche' MS.... Touche'... but seriously it does 2 things. It makes me NOT want to buy an XBOX ONE for pulling tactics like that to sell machines, and makes me turn my back on a franchise I have loved since day one! I don't see how this benefits ANYONE.
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    DESTINY: Beta Impressions Discussion.

    This game is so polished its ridiculous! Cant wait until 9/9... I am going to the midnight release here in Annapolis MD
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    The Division

    That never phased me. I mean with COD, I didn't mind waiting an extra month to get DLC. Its not going to make me run out and buy the other system for it. Shenanigans I tell ya!