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    The Evil Within

    You can pick it up for 30 bucks right now... I haven't started it yet but plan to soon.
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    Alien Isolation

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    Instant Messengers

    Which makes sense since Facebook owns instagram. I use Trillian which houses all IM capabilities since my work requires I have different channels to reach mediabuyers. I use the following: AIM: ChadrockCMA Skype: Chadrock15 yahoo: Chadrock5 ICQ: 616401749 Google Chat: Chadrock15 I am online all day everyday and can easily be reached on these IMs.
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    METAL GEAR Online

    Right now you can get the Ground Zeros "Demo" for 6 bucks in the PSN store up until the 30th... im debating it as the early adoptors paid 30 for it and pissed and moaned that it was 2 hours long... I don't blame them.
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    COD AW

    I drop all exo-abilities and even all grenades to maximize my gun attachments and perks. Flyers I have been busy with work and sick on top of it so I am sorry for not responding to your game requests.
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    Marry Christmas and more .

    I was sick with a stomach virus all Christmas so I don't feel so bad about the DDOS attack on the network. I didn't eat or drink anything over the holidays so this is the first year I actually LOST weight for Xmas. My daughter has it too... =(
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    Happy and Safe Holidays

    Where is the link? I do not see it in your profile.
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    It was originally Automatic, ADirtNap4U, FlyersFan and myself who were in APC and came over here... Flyers was a little late to the party. =)
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    DESTINY: Epic Hunter solo's new DLC Raid

    I don't know man, I just hit a wall with that game. I don't mind games that you have to grind, but when it starts to feel like a chore, I lose interest quickly. I don't think I have played this game in over a month or more. Im into Assassin's Creed/Far Cry, and COD/GTA... My time is limited right now with my kids on Xmas Vacation and having to shop and wrap presents. I wont be freed up until probably after the Xmas holiday. I just started playing Don't Starve on my VITA and RESOGUN comes out tomorrow for VITA! good times...
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    DESTINY: Epic Hunter solo's new DLC Raid

    That was epic!
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    Actually, Flyers wasnt NNK, we both were in APC back in the Urgent Fury days in SOCOM.
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    Happy and Safe Holidays

    I am really enjoying the campaign missions in GTA V and am very impressed with how much Rockstar has done to make this game feel "Next Gen". Watch Dogs was hyped up like a GTA killer, but who are we kidding? Rockstar does it right.
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    Happy and Safe Holidays

    I can wait for The Division. With the way Watch Dogs was hyped as the second coming of Christ, I can play the great many of games I now enjoy and see if Ubisoft can ever match the hype they create. #scornedgamerrant.
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    Drive Club: Team Based Racing on PS4!

    For some reason I cant get the direct link of the weather effects video, so please select #3 in the playlist of the attached youtube video to see the weather effects in action!
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    Drive Club: Team Based Racing on PS4!

    Click on #3 in upper left hand corner of Playlist to view the weather effects video. Its sick!!!
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    Drive Club: Team Based Racing on PS4!

    Well it would make sense to get the game 100% the way it should be so when they roll out the free version to you it will be more "buyable". Makes total sense to me to fix the game first.
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    Another Update

    When I click on new content, I get Error Code: EX2 I even deleted my cookies and browsing history and still does it.
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    Drive Club: Team Based Racing on PS4!

    Spot on BOLD, and honestly, its usually SONY pushing the release of these games. This game was already delayed a year and must have had a hard final deadline of "release or else" as it was supposed to be a launch title. Same thing with SOCOM Confrontation. That game was WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY broken at release. Pressure from the publishers usually has to do with Stockholder investment pressures etc. On another note. the weather effects update to the game will be added today.
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    Drive Club: Team Based Racing on PS4!

    I played online for the first time last night and was very impressed with how smooth and fluid the game was. I had a blast with this online. I feel really bad for Evolution Studios because they are a quality studio that was plagued by another bad launch. If you remember, Motorstorm Apocolypse was delayed because of the 2011 Tsunami (they had a Tsunami level that caused a delay in the game due to the tragedy in Japan) and then were struck with the PS3 outage for a month from the hackers. They cant catch a break, but from what I experienced last night, this game is almost where it should be from their original vision. I hope with the release of the free version, it will introduce many timid gamers into giving this game a shot. Its a good racing game that needs to catch a break.
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    [PS.Blog]Bastion Coming to PS4, Vita Next Year

    Did you see this BOLD? Im sure you are digging this info. Trasistor is sure to follow.
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    Departure of David Sears

    hmmm. He must be working on the next Mass Effect game... that's the studio that produces those game.
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    Happy and Safe Holidays

    Dude! I am still eating.... zzzzzzzzzzzzzz z z zzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzz.....
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    GTA V Weekend Session

    No Name Killers? they are still around? I remember them from Urgent Fury days on SOCOM. Who were you playing with from that clan? Also, where the hell is Creatchy? That Xbox lovin fool needs to get a PS4!
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    GTA ONLINE: Beginner Tips.

    GTA Online Beginner Tips for Newbs I found this article very helpful as I moved on very quickly to the PS4 not giving the dedicated time to (PS3)GTA V as most of you, but by all means, to you veterans, feel free to ad helpful hints to mXm as they start their journey into Los Santos. (Me being one of them).
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    GTA V PS4. Visually Stunning + Fun

    Nice touch at the end.... and Balz, you have a NICE ASS! lol