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    Battlefield: Hardline - Sight Guide

    That is correct sir.
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    The Show 2015

    Ok BOLD, Ive been going easy on you, but now its time... for you to pick up BATTLEFIELD HARDLINE! I believe most everyone in the clan has it and I recall you saying in a previous post. "If there is a shooter the clan can rally around... yadda yadda." I think I am a level 35 or so. Ill have to check. Ive been spreading myself thin with MLB 15, The Handsome Collection, and Bloodborne. Don't worry... Ill get there! =)
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    The Show 2015

    Balz, as a baseball fan, you are doing yourself a disservice by not picking up this game. It is so deep with options from not only season play, but Diamond Dynasty where you can build your own team (like Ultimate Team in FIFA,Madden, and Hockey) as well as Road to the Show mode where you take a player from the minor leagues and build him up to the bigs as that mode is played in first person mode. As many games as you buy and trade, this one needs to be in your library. Dig into that wedding money slush fund!
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    Yeah Andy, its time to make the switch. DirtNap has it as well. Its my favorite online shooter this gen. I wasn't a fan of BF4 and I tolerate COD but this one has some neat game modes like Blood Money (Rob a central money location or raid the enemy's stash), and Rescue (Very much like Socom Extraction game modes where its 5 on 5 one life per round.) I see this being a mainstay in my PS4 as my online shooter for the next year and all upcoming DLC. Conquest Large and Small are still around from classic BF games but there is enough variety here to justify a purchase.
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    Project CARS

    I still think DriveClub looks better overall visually but Project Cars will appeal more to the gearheads.
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    I picked it up today and installed it. What I like about it is no planes, tanks, or helicopters, its mainly boots on the ground with some modes with cars. Its faster paced than large scales BF games and there are hostages extractions etc... I am still up for some GTA Online goodness if anyone wants to train a noob in GTA online too.
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    I have been watching some TWITCH video streams and reading forums and they are saying Hardline is faster with smaller maps and is more focused on gunplay without the helicoptors and vehicles known in the main BF games. This looks more appealing to me as I suck at flying Jets and Coptors and just like straight up gun play. Anyone picking this up?
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    Friends, Homies, Countrymen! (An Introduction)

    Are you going to change your name to MyBalzinHerHand now that you are hitched? Congrats again Randy. Way to make an honest woman out of her finally!
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    Online Heists

    From what I have read is you have to be in a 4 player co-op to do the Heists. I don't think it will allow you to do It with less than 4.
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    Project CARS

    DriveClub did the exact same thing and ended up being delayed a full year. There is always...DriveClub! lol
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    Im Level 6 right now and didn't get a ton of time in this weekend but what is awesome about this game is the community is great from what I have experienced. Jumping into 4 player co-op with strangers has been very positive. I carry max UAV to unveil the samples to collect on the maps and reveal enemy patrols. Its awesome when everyone spreads out their stratogems to make a formidable 4 player co-op crew. Highly recommend this game as well.
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    Advanced Warfare

    4 maps and zombie mode. 4 player co-op mode on exo-zombies is the best yet. Its very intense. Its only one zombie map but plenty to do and surely we will get 1 map per DLC over the next 3. Nice start for Sledgehammer entering the zombie mode Treyarch started.
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    I didn't see this coming, but for as much time as it took to make GT5, I have a feeling this might be a re-skin cash grab to close out the PS3. If you go to you can see the video on it. For some reason it wont allow me to post it as I get error messages but wanted to make a thread here about it.
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    PayDay 2: Crimewave Edition coming to PS4! I am glad to see this happen as I think as a clan we can get some major time in with this. I know Balz played the hell out of it but I think the PS4 launch kinda put this game on the backburner. 1080p resolution and a 60fps from what I have read. This > BF: Hardline. Comes out June of 2015!
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    Advanced Warfare

    FYI... DLC Pack 1 out now... Already downloaded and ready to shoot it up.
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    Drive Club: Team Based Racing on PS4!

    This is not an arcade racer in a sense that you may think. Its more sim than Grid but not as sim as a GT6 or Project Cars. I recommend you watch some Live PlayStation Twitch broadcasts on it. The game is a beast to look at. I got the Season Pass for it and plan on digging into it more as I am having a lot of fun with it.
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    Drive Club: Team Based Racing on PS4!

    Driveclub update: Despite hearing talks of the free version never seeing the light of day, Evolution studios said it will come out. No specific date has been set, but jump on this if it comes out. I still think its worth a purchase. I will wait to hear your input on Project Cars when that comes out. O~
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    Project CARS

    Here we go... at least its not a year delay like DriveClub was...
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    No. But I will wait for your feedback as this looks like a BF4 re-skin and more like DLC thana whole new game for 60 bucks.
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    The Sticks

    This song has a nice groove. Reminds me of something Jack White would do. I have never heard of this band so thank you for introducing it to me. Ill have to look these guys up. My daughter is rocking out right now! lol
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    My PS3 is finally starting to go

    As a GTA fan like yourself, you are in for a treat with Red Dead. I prefer it over GTA because I love the wild west theme. Great game! I am going through the Assassin's Creed Ezio Trilogy on my PS3 at the moment and playing alongside Assassin's Creed Unity on PS4. Never played LA NOIR. I thought the premise was cool though. Let us know what you think of that game.
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    My PS3 is finally starting to go

    I play my PS3 just as much as my PS4. There are still a lot of games I need to finish and is great to have as a Blueray player/Netflix for the bedroom. Kotaco, there are tons of how tos on youtube. I took a blowdryer to my 2nd ps3 and it gave me about another 3-4 months more life, but ultimately like you said, its days are numbered. The PS3 is a great system and the first one I never traded in because I still find great value in owning both the 3 and 4... Best of luck milking that Ps3 to the last drop. They are cheap enough now to replace for 100.00
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    Instant Messengers

    Its not "required" but its a preferred method of chat worldwide since that's what mediabuyers used in the beginning. When you are online through Trillian, it pulls all of the Instant Messengers into one organized interface and makes it easier to be contacted. Internet ad sales uses chat messengers almost exclusively and then jumps on SKYPE for calls. I don't think I have picked a phone up for work in years as I do it all from my computer. I have a softphone on my computer (RING CENTRAL) for phone calls if I have to jump on a call for teleconferences.
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    Instant Messengers

    ICQ is used mainly in my industry because its not flooded and commercialized like the rest.
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    The Evil Within

    This game is made my the Resident Evil 4 creators and is getting rave reviews. Since its Halloween season I might take a stab at it. Anyone else interested!?? It looks scary as hell!