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    Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare

    good news.... the Undead Nightmare DLC will also be released on a physical disc (ala GTA: Episodes from Liberty City) with the 2 online expansion packs and online co-op missions as well as the Undead Nightmare DLC. Rockstar says it takes about 10+ hours to complete so it is a massive DLC coming out Oct 26th.... for those of you who never played this I highly recommend picking it up.
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    I wonder how this tastes

    *Nerd alert! heheh
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    Suck My Turban!!!
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    Suck My Turban!!!

    I agree... he takes it to the extreme but he brings up a good point. The reason I think Slant 6 never got more than the Cold Front DLC out is because they spent all of their resources fixing and patching the game... its a shame because I do like the game engine on Confrontation I think better than the MAG one they are usuing for Socom4... I just want zipper to make a servicable game and pump out some classic DLC. is that too much to ask?
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    Discuss: Medal Of Honor

    I think its better than COD only because its a little bit slower and the maps offer a ton more places to find cover and use more tactics. Its the EXACT same control setup as COD so you willl feel right at home with it in about 10 minutes. Is the game perfect? NO... right out of the box I think it plays nice for the first week of launch. With a few tweaks and updates and DLC I think it will find its way into my PS3 pretty often. I will buy Black OPS i guess because I just love opening new games and smelling the wrapper (LOL) but I doubt I will stick with that over MoH because the COD formula wears on me. overall I give MoH online an 8.
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    Suck My Turban!!!

    yeah i have watched all of his videos. He is funny as hell but he scares me in a way because he is so intense... Imagine being on that guys shit list!!! woah!!!
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    Getting Our Pulse Back

    I pretty much play online with my Sony Vaio in my lap! (I figured I would chime in since we are jerking off about our computers) =)
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    Discuss: Medal Of Honor

    I really dont think there is much beefing up to do... if you play COD and/or Battlefield regularly you will fall right into place in about 15 min.
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    Little Fockers

    I see there is also going to be a zoolander 2! Stiller is pulling out all his best stuff!
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    Discuss: Medal Of Honor

    online is alot of fun.... enoying this more than COD since its a bit slower and the guns feel nice!!! maps are very cool too... the only thing against it is the framerate isnt as smooth as COD but not a dealbreaker by any means....
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    Discuss: Medal Of Honor

    Im picking up my copy at lunch.... (btw Dakota... I wont be using my facebook login. I dont know if you have to delete that but I did that by accident.)
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    Clan Patch

    Very nice.. and sharp... good work!
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    Discuss: Medal Of Honor

    [quote name='kotaco' timestamp='1286334127' post='23'] Off topic: I noticed you registered twice there skippy Actually, I have registered I think 80 times with every rendition of the website... heheh... im just sayin' =)
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    Discuss: Medal Of Honor

    I was in the console beta and I must say... It plays like a slightly slower version of Call of Duty with the Battlefield destructible environments... I probably see myself playing this more than COD since I am a big fan of DICE's online games.