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  1. Amanda

    [MIA] Inquiry for recruitment

    Cool. That Bastard! lol. As much as he was a pain in the ass.... I'm glad he was around back in the day. He added drama at what could have been an otherwise dull time. (Heehee..... like we ever had dull time.)
  2. Amanda

    New Toy!

    crazy but I actually kinda respect him for being honest... fessing up and saying at least he had the balls to spill his secrets. any other politic.... especially American... would ride lies til death. takes some bravery to own up to your faults. we all have them. anyone who thinks they do not must be a soulmate to Otis' sister Julie. lol!!
  3. Amanda

    [MIA] Inquiry for recruitment

    I didnt breath while reading most of his post. lol. I so was thinking really ghost? lmao! Balz whatever happened to that blob of evil fun anyways? welcome Mattx3!! I love seeing all the new interested people. luv that my mXmbies keep us alive.
  4. Amanda

    Another addition

    Congrats girl! 2 lil girls are the best!
  5. Amanda

    New Toy!

    And a crack smoking mayor! Heehee. sweet gun!
  6. Amanda

    GTA V Crew Emblem

    <3 em! Cant wait to play this game with yall.
  7. Amanda

    RIP Cabby

    =) I hated hearing this. That man was a great friend to me. he made up a song about me every time I joined a room he was in. we spent hours talking. One guy I can say I had a true bond with. rip old friend! I look forward to meetibg you on the other side.
  8. Amanda

    So.... I was thinking....

    Wouldn't it be cool if around our 10 year anniversary we could somehow compile all of this (Dakota's hard work) into a book? I know for me personally, I would love it and also purchase it. Would be a cool reminder and awesome way to teach my kids the mXm legacy. AND it would forever be a permanent fixture on my coffee table. Just a thought. What do you guys think? And would you buy one? I know we would need a certain amount purchased to make it affordable. Just think.... Clan mXm - 10 Years: Volume One!
  9. Amanda

    [M~K] Morbid Killas

    Damn I can't remember being in M~K.... I think I came from PK lol. Pretty sure of that. And I blame Colt Savers for my involvement in PK lol! But it did bring me here to my home, mXm! Sent from my C5170 using Tapatalk 4 Beta
  10. Amanda


    Wow. Talk about memories! I miss Ba'say! He was cool! Sent from my C5170 using Tapatalk 4 Beta
  11. Amanda

    Hello to my favorite gaming noobs!!

    I realized why u werent around from the dmb videos u were posting lol. Understood man!
  12. Amanda

    Annoucing Balz as Leader

    and the tats!!!! lol
  13. Amanda

    Omni-Tek/TDC Merges & More

    Unless you are Balz.... needs to be at the end of a few of those.... lol
  14. Amanda

    P_K Recruitment Pitch

    lol....Colt caused all that drama.... hahaha.... those idiots. Those days were lots of fun. Shit I will never forget
  15. Amanda

    Hello to my favorite gaming noobs!!

    Dakota u can delete my old name or merge it or whatever ya do. I'm for real playing tonight so I hope y'all will be on.