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  1. Deucedeuse

    Battlefield: Hardline - Sight Guide

    Is anyone playing battlefield hard line at all?
  2. Deucedeuse

    Now Accepting Donations

  3. Deucedeuse

    Sniper rifle?

    Lol straight up accident! [quote name='kotaco' timestamp='1357850275' post='2769'] You liked your own post Deuce?
  4. Deucedeuse

    Sniper rifle?

    Ok, so I've got a new project going on. I'm currently getting all my specs and beautiful gun pieces in one bucket. I'm going to build up a modified Remington 700 SPS Tactical .308 rifle. I'm on the fence with 2 different styles. What are your takes on the set up? Thinking about a shorter 20" bull barrel on an olive drab A.I. stock or a 24" inch barrel with a black A.I. Stock.
  5. Deucedeuse

    My new piece.

    Here's my recent purchase,Ruger LC9, for concealment carry. So stoked! This little 3" barrel 9mm is dead balls accurate! I was shooting a consistent 8" wide circle at 25yards. I love it and can't wait to start carrying her.
  6. Deucedeuse

    My new piece.

    I love the 229, I've got the expert medal in the CG with it. It definitely holds a place in my heart and in my hand. I will own it sooner or later.
  7. Deucedeuse

    My new piece.

    So, I just splurged and bought this piece. Sig Sauer P220 .45. I'm so excited to get it but of course the retarded state California has the 10 day waiting rule. I originally saved up the the coast guard/DHS pistol, sig sauer P229 .40. It was supposed to be personalized with the Coast Guard seal in front of the rear sights and have Semper Paratus on the slide but of course that fell through. Here's the p229 What I would love to do later on in my coast guard career is to obtain a level III license for a suppressor and trick out the piece like this. I've got 8 more days to go to get my Sig and I'll post how I feel about it once I get back from the range with it.
  8. Deucedeuse

    Hello Everyone

    Oh snap, quite deceiving I must say. I know you weren't a cook Balz, just kindling just kindling. Haha ransdell was a cook, make sure you don't call him "cookie" cooks never like that name. ;)
  9. Deucedeuse

    Hello Everyone

    Welcome aboard Aranki, I see you're a sniper in the marines right? The mXm family is super military friendly, Balz was a cook in the marines I believe;) and I'm in the coast guard as a helicopter mechanic and aviation precision marksman. Hope all is well and hope to split some skulls with ya. - dd
  10. Deucedeuse

    Congrats Deuce!!

    It sure was his birthday day and considering the fact the our family was 1500 miles away it was still a blast. We had a true Silicon Valley birthday, we FaceTimed with the 2 IPad's and Skyped with a our cellphones, and the whole family sang happy birthday to Wesley at the same time. Good times for adapting and over coming.
  11. when are we going to see what little deuce looks like?! lol

  12. he's now 6weeks old! that's awesome your lil girl is starting to crawl!

  13. aww hang in there he won't be that small ever again. My little girl is almost 8 months! She's trying to crawl already. How many weeks is he now?

  14. aww hang in there he won't be that small ever again. My little girl is almost 8 months! She's trying to crawl already. How many weeks is he now?