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  1. Colt_Seavers

    Alien Isolation

  2. Colt_Seavers

    The Evil Within

    Yep I just saw it on the PS store. Sweet
  3. Colt_Seavers

    Alien Isolation

    Also I think a little pee might have came out.
  4. Colt_Seavers

    Old school member

    Welcome back!
  5. Colt_Seavers

    Alien Isolation

    Has anyone picked this up? I started it but I haven't gotten far. I was sneaking around after a cutscene with the alien. The music is playing as if it's building up to something and the anticipation is killing me. The music stops and I think I'm good when BAM! It runs at me and my screen fills up with nothing but it's face and that little mouth thing that comes out of the bigger mouth. I yell a very manly scream (lol). My son and nephew, who were watching me , start yelling. I'm fumbling the controller around like I'm having a seizure and then I die. Holy shit that was the best thing ever
  6. Colt_Seavers

    The Evil Within

    This one slipped by me but I'm definitely getting it. I love the horror/ survival games.
  7. Colt_Seavers

    Anyone still playing?

    I'm sending you both a friend request on PSN. My schedule has been sporadic and iffy lately but I do play.
  8. Colt_Seavers

    Getting hit hard by an MMO addiction

    Star Wars Galaxies was the reason I stopped playing Socom 2. I met a lot of cool people from all over the world and we are still in touch. Good times for sure.
  9. Colt_Seavers

    Metro: Last Light

    I absolutely love Borderlands. I was cracked out on that for like a month.
  10. Colt_Seavers

    Metro: Last Light

    I downloaded it but haven't started it yet. I have like ten PS+ games in my backlog lol
  11. Colt_Seavers

    Getting hit hard by an MMO addiction

    I haven't tried it yet but I was thinking about it since they added a bunch of space flight content. I'm not sure yet. Galaxies was a sandbox where Old republic is story driven so they are quite different.
  12. Colt_Seavers

    PAYDAY 2

    Yea, I think I'll start that today.
  13. Colt_Seavers

    Borderlands 2 PS+

    Andy it took me a couple of hours but I was hooked. The story is really good and there are tons of side quests for really good loot. The game is designed to be played more than once because of the loot. The looted weapons and shields are really good. I started off with a commando. I solo'ed everything and am level 51 now. I would love to play some co-op. I never did get a Vita but my son has been asking for one lately. I may pick one up soon.
  14. Colt_Seavers

    Getting hit hard by an MMO addiction

    I tried WoW in 2005 but I can't get into fantasy games. I played Star Wars Galaxies from 2004-2010 so I know all about mmo addiction lol. I doubt I'll ever have the time to get into another mmo. Unless it's Star Wars :)
  15. Colt_Seavers

    Anyone still playing?

    I pop it in every now and then but I hate playing with randoms so I don't stay on long. I am looking forward to the heists and singleplayer content. They just released some Valentine Massacre stuff with 1930's era gangster items. A car , clothing and a tommy gun knock off.