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  1. HeroicJayneCobb

    Definition of Clan

    clan /klan/ Noun *A group of close-knit and interrelated families (esp. associated with families in the Scottish Highlands). A family, esp. a large one: "the Kennedy clan". This is why i joined mXm; Previously i was in a clan called G4c. With them we had a tight knit family. One clan member sent me a check for $50 so i could afford gas to go to a clan picnic, which he himself would not be attending. However the breaking point was when i asked several local members to be part of my wedding party, and they all backed out a month before my wedding..... So i left. I joined mXm as i enjoyed the time i spent playing SOCOM with those of you around then. Here at mXm one of our fellow clan mates called up and ordered me a Pizza the same day i told him how i didnt have enough money that week for milk (because of my disability and getting back to work) and it's things like that that made me appreciate the family and comraderary we have here. Now I will grant you that I've had my issues with some of you. Andy and I have been ad odds a few times. Odin and i on more than one occasion, and Kotaco and I aren't on speaking terms right now.... But that comes with family. However, yesterday i came home from work in alot of pain due to an abscess present in my lower back that presses on a nerve cluster when its inflamed (and shockley cold temps tend to piss it off) and jumped on Black Ops 2 to take some of the stress away with good friends I've met over the last couple months. Well lets expand on that statrment for a moment.... I met several new friends from all over the country and globe, actually, that are JUST as much fun to play Call of Duty with when mXm isnt on. since the majority of mXm used to be on at odd hours that conflicted with my own, you can understand why expanding my friends list was a priority. Balz introducted me to Mistopher awhile back, who introduced me to Blktalon, who introduced me to Hungmammoth, and Bravo, and Braves, and many other friends. So now i have a vast list of people i can enjoy call of duty with, including mXm. Back to my account from yesterday; I jumped online and was happy to see that all of my new friends, and my own clan (a majority) were all in the same room with the exception of 1 or 2 random players. Right away i was subjected to the ramblings of srandell and mistopher, and balz, and a couple other people about some inside joke i was not privy too previously. Then a new nickname for me was issued without my consent... "Lenny". "from a book millions of people have read" Already in an inordinate amount of pain i was in no mood to be insulted and ridiculed, so i left. Having no support or defense from so-called friends and 'family' i found myself in a private party, as not to be disturbed, creating a new emblem. I really like my Jayne Hat emblem which its my username and all, but i decided to show my NRA (National Rifle Association) pride with the "Stand and Fight" logo. When i was done, and happy with how it turned out, i returned to the game playing now with a group of friends not present in the earlier incident..... and i had a nice time, despite the fact it was regulare core. Later blktalon came online and i was reluctant to join as i felt her silence in the earlier ridicule sesson was insulting in of itself. but mammoth encouraged me to join the party, and i did. I got the other half of the story of what was said about me behind my back, in full disrespect intended; i was told that i "follow talon around like a puppy" and then the subject of the threesome joke came up. A joke that was told by another friend ItalianWarrior, that was all in good fun that somehow got back to you guys. The joke was that they had a friend named Stacy who lived down the street, to which italian asked of "Mr Talon" would ever invite her over for a threesome with blktalon, to which that joke went off on its on, so i then jokingly was all "oh yeah my wife and I are looking for a threesome as well, to which talon jokingly said "woohoo" so while on the mic i turned to my wife and said "we found a third party for our threesome" to which she laughed and looked at me like "wtf are you talking about" and we all on and off the mic laughed at the entire joke. Now anyone present for that session would know that blktalon lives in a rural part of canada and is a very religion person; So even if it were the truth the reality of the whole joke would never come to fruition, hence why its a "joke" So as i listen to how those of you that were present conducted yourselves in a massively disrespectful manner toward myself while i was there, and while i was not there, and how you conducted yourselves with the new friends of mXm that i tried to create (because we could always use larger party groups) and i stared at my temporary NRA tag (once again showing, and spreading the word of support for my favorite organization) and as i looked at my golden guns with NRA craved into them in place of the mXm i got to thinking, the NRA tag and emblem look pretty damn good on the gun; and how it was nice not having to apologize for certain things said by people who shared the same clan tag as you. But i take my clan seriously, i teamkilled a player several times until he left for changing his tag to mXm just to fuck with me; why? because i take my clan and those in it VERY seriously. How could i walk away from family? from those that i care about personally and as a game team. So I'm over my mother-in-law's discussing politics, and the day's plans, and my wife's birthday gift, and even the incident that took place. i said "they called me 'lenny, from some book millions of people have read' and without missing a beat she says to me "mice and men" i said "what?" she said "lenny is a mildly retarded guy that follows the one character around like a puppy'" and i said "oh, my, god. that is the EXACT phrase that was used to describe myself in relation to blktalon and the friends we play with. like a puppy; So when i realized that my own clan, family, that i defend at every turn, wear thier logo proudly on my tshirts and my hat, thinks of me as some "retard" that follows his FRIENDS around "like a puppy" thats when without batting an eyelash i realized I am not part of this family, i am not the respected member i thought i was. im just some retard who like to play video games with those that provide friendship, good conversation, and awesome gaming with. So as of this moment my mXm tshirts are now "work shirts" and my mXm hat will hang untouched on the coat rack until i get a replacement and my in-game clan tag will continue to read NRA. The ball's in your court now mXm. You can bury this post in your private "admin only" forum so noone else has to know how you treated this particular clan member, delete me from your PSN list, and forget i ever existed; i can live with that. On the flipside you could man up and realize that perhaps you arent ALWAYS the most respectful when it comes to meeting new people, and that what you did was disrespectful to me as a clan member and as a person, and encourage me to rejoin the mXm family again. It's up to you. But I have friends, i will always have friends. If thats a problem that i want to spend time with those friends, then fine, goodbye. But if we are allowed to have other-clan friends, then you should reconsider your stance on who any of your members play with. Now, based on the forum activity, this post probably wont be read until the middle of next month; and by then you wont give a damn. However until such time i will be on PSN, i will be playing Black Ops 2, and any one of you are welcome to join if our rag tag of multi-clan friends provided we have room in the party so we can be on the same side. or take over a room and vs each other. We primarily play Hardcore TDM, occasionally i will play regular Core when other friends are on, but i prefer hardcore. We dont care too much for 'party games' though. See you online.
  2. HeroicJayneCobb

    Call of Duty ... In real life?

    Weathermatt and i did the activision games one the other day. it was funny
  3. HeroicJayneCobb

    Call of Duty ... In real life?

    The Tac-Inserts in Call of Duty Black Ops 2 show real-world Long-Lat coordinates. For instance "Cargo" is actually a futuristic version of the Port of Singapore if you google earth it. Hijacked is actually off the coast of Australia. Raid is really a house (not nearly as sweet as the one in the game) in LA. (currently valued at over $2 million) and last but not least Nuketown is revealed to be 281mi from Area 51. Im sure there are others but the video only shows those listed above. im curious to see what others are. I did the groundwork for you for nuketown.... Driving Directions from Area 51 to Nuketown USA
  4. HeroicJayneCobb

    My nerdy doodles

    [quote name='BalzOnYer4Head' timestamp='1312697236' post='1483'] If those were for sale, I would of walked out of there with them for sure. Sorry im late to the party but... Uhm Balz, they ARE for sale. NCC-1701-Refit $6,995.00 NCC-1701 (Movie) $6,995.00 NCC-1701D $9,995.00 and off topic but.... Serenity $2,495.00
  5. Yeah, well, what you plan and what happens ain't exactly been similar

  6. HeroicJayneCobb

    Is the Gaming Industry Dying?

    right now everyone and everything is dying economically. From Twinkies to the United States Postal Service, even road construction. However, by comparison the Gaming Industry is still the only one doing well all things considered. With more and more people unemployed, gaming is the only thing they have left to do. While each of these is valid points i dont feel they are contributing to the downfall. Mobile gaming is just that, mobile. i play angry birds when im at work, or solitaire or whatever; and when i come home i play Sly Copper, Burnout Paradise, Call Of Duty, ect. Call of duty is great, however any game can be an addiction; SOCOM, Battlefield, FORZA, ect ect. to say that only COD is the only addictive game is just false. People need variety, we will always want to play more than one, or even one type of, game. (skipping other points) why do we need a shiny new box? we have games on both consoles so high def and realistic graphic wise that gamers are suffering from PTSD. Anyone remember computer gaming? This past june i replaced a 10 year old computer with a stock 40 gig hard drive..... i played many many many games over the years on that machine. Theres no reason that the consoles available today cant, and shouldn't continue to give us what we have. PS3 now offers 3D gaming, the ONLY next logical step is Virtual Reality gaming which isnt too far from the Wii, Kinect, and PS3 Move that we have no. With a few software tweaks and a pair of VR glasses, we could do that with the PS3 of today, perhaps not the Xbox, i am actually unfamiliar with how powerful the current Xbox model is, just the PS3 and its processing powers. IF anything at all, i would like better cooling systems for these things. my PS3 gets damn close to overheating until i stuck a USB fan next to it to compensate. but those can be acquired aftermarket
  7. HeroicJayneCobb

    Black Ops 2

    [quote name='BalzOnYer4Head' timestamp='1352849950' post='2722'] Thanks for sharing the unboxing. The drone looks cool. There is also a new spin on team deathmatch called kill confirmed. When you kill someone you also have to go collect the tag to "confirm the kill" Also, if a teammate gets killed and you collect their tag, it gives you a "kill denied". Ya get that death back for your team. the drone is a hell of alot of fun!! get a good 20-30 mintues of play time on one charge. controls are pretty simple too! better than the stupid "air hogs". challenge coins are pretty damn sweet too. real steel. all the stuff comes out of the crate so you can use it as an actual storage box; which itself is constructed like a mid-grade plastic tool box, pretty rugged. game comes in a steel case as well. As far as gameplay goes; i play through the campaign first before going online; i know im one of 10 people on the planet that enjoy the storyline of a video game... but what can i say. I like the futuristic appeal its got. its a nice change up from the modern and past stuff we had for so long. PS: MW3 had 'confirmed kill' as well; thats where it first debut.
  8. HeroicJayneCobb

    Black Ops 2

  9. HeroicJayneCobb

    Zombie Survival

    I was out for a walk today... and noticed that the one neighbor (its trash day) was throwing out ALOT of perfectly good stuff. toys, cloths, baby stuff, ect. This troubled me. in an economy thats in the shitter, and people barely able to make ends meet.. this is stuff that could be given to goodwill/salvation army and someone else could have a nice christmas!.... However, i did sort through some of the stuff for myself; and came across this fanciful box (empty) from FAO Swartz; which apperntly is a doll company? anyway... the box/zipup display was perfect for a project ive been meaning to do for quite sometime! So without further ado i present to you: The Zombie Survival Kit For those of you overly worried or concerned, the shotgun is merely a cheap airsoft gun that was the perfect size to fit in the case. The 12ga shells however, are real :P and the medkit has actual bandaids and such in them. Also theres my Mossberg "survival kit in a can" in the bottom of the display as well
  10. HeroicJayneCobb

    My new piece.

    [quote name='BalzOnYer4Head' timestamp='1351909476' post='2707'] Read: too fat for waist carry. Only thing that sucks is there isnt an employer I know besides gun stores that let you bring a gun into work. Then the one guy who does brings in like 3 and shoots up the place. No one there has a gun because of the rules, right when you need one. Responding to 2 points here. 1) if you wear a vest or a sport coat (i wear a denim vest, or cotton one depending on my pant selection) a shoulder holster under your shirt (i wear underarmor, shoulder holster, tshirt) is how i carry. Full size carry to. Beretta Px4 Storm, 14+1 .40 S&W. 2) I gave up on the "weapons policy" years ago. The way i look at it is: the only way they are going to know, is if you use it; and I would rather find a new job, then have my next of kin find me a coffin.
  11. HeroicJayneCobb

    Just became a Farmer
  12. HeroicJayneCobb

    Just became a Farmer

    Where is my farm? .... my farm.... HERE'S MY MOTHERFUCKIN' FARM! I'M A LEAD FARMER, MOTHERFUCKER!! My halloween costume and my newest cosplay for Tekkoshocon 2013 Tropic Thunder. Robert Downey Jr plays Kirk Lazarus who is Lincon Osiris..... I'm the dude, playin the dude, disguised as another dude!
  13. HeroicJayneCobb

    MoH: Warfighter

    well im a SP and Campaign kinda guy because of conflicting schedules and sometimes i like predictable AI. Balz: that was my favorite level too. first time i beat it i was down to 2 pistol mags, and still poppin motherfuckers! Odin: depending on how my paychecks look im actually seriously considering the Collectors/Care PAckage edition of Blops 2. i REALLY like that case. the RC drone looks fun. the other extras come with the harden edition, but i WANT the box haha
  14. HeroicJayneCobb

    MoH: Warfighter Anyone else looking forward to this? I'm a single player kinda guy, and the last MoH game was tears-in-my-eyes compelling with the storyline..... the MP was lacking horribly. (predictable spawn = spawn camping) but this one looks even more amazing. Can't wait to check it out
  15. HeroicJayneCobb


    liked it on youtube last night to watch it later. figured id watch it later tonight