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  1. JerZ

    Happy Birthday BalzOnYer4Head!

    Oh snap happy birthday!!
  2. JerZ

    Going Back to work

    First part sucks but so freaking awesome for the other job opportunity!! Climb that ladder of opportunity lmao
  3. JerZ

    Guess whose getting hitched

    Hey hey! Not much been busy getting life together.
  4. JerZ

    Going Back to work

    LMFAO! that'd be pretty awesome.
  5. JerZ

    Guess whose getting hitched

    Sweet ring! And congrats!!
  6. JerZ

    Going Back to work

    That's awesome! I deff understand the struggle it's not fun. I just got a new stable permanent job and it does feel great! Anyone has ADT and your alarm goes off I may just be calling you!
  7. JerZ

    Friends, Homies, Countrymen! (An Introduction)

    Lmao smart woman.
  8. JerZ

    Friends, Homies, Countrymen! (An Introduction)

    Congrats Balz! And that necklace is suitable lmao.
  9. JerZ

    Random mXm encounter in Destiny

    Noiiccee! Sometimes I try to find some of the old gamers possibly same psn as back then just like balz and I have kept the same. Not easy at all. Really wonder what happened to them all.
  10. JerZ

    mXm Annual Meetup

    Haha it would awesome! Thank you thank you Bold. Well if there is a meet up before then, you all are still going to be invited. Nothin' but love.
  11. JerZ

    mXm Annual Meetup

    Lmao! Open bar!
  12. JerZ

    mXm Annual Meetup

    ‚ÄčThank you Balz!! after 8 years we better get married lol. I'm having my big wedding in Miami on the beach in about 2 years I'll shoot ya an invite and anyone who'd care to go let me know!
  13. JerZ

    mXm Annual Meetup

    Lmao it sure is. I just recently got married. December 26th. Well keep me posted about a meet up. I don't visit the site too often so I believe taco has my cell number.
  14. JerZ

    Happy Birthday mXm!

    Here here! love ya guys great family even if we stray the true ones always come back.