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  1. BOLD Edition

    Rocket League

    ESO is an interesting game; as an actual MMO there are quite a bit of elements going into it that make it almost a "work activity". Questing. Crafting. Dungeons. PvP. Etc. There is a lot there to focus on. I have been adventuring with my cousins when I can; they definitely go hard in the game. I've established myself as a respectable enchanter crafting glyphs for players in Tamriel; I've made about 200k in gold mainly doing just that and selling vampire bites. At nearly VR4, I am doing OK given the limited amount of time I spend on the game. Destiny is still my gaming passion on the PS4 but I enjoy that social aspect on ESO that happens with my cousins there. They are on a whole other level/format than me, with multiple characters are VR14 already and pretty strong under the hood. What type of gaming laptop did you end up getting? Are you looking at some other titles to pick up for it later?
  2. BOLD Edition

    Patrick Dempsey Racing Le Mans

    I have always been a fan of actors McQueen, Newman and Gardner as bonafide auto racers; recently I discovered that actor Patrick Dempsey (Greys Anatomy) has been pursuing a racing career of his own in a quest to reach and race Le Mans. Amazon has a documentary series featuring Dempsey and his racing team. Some of you may be interested in checking it out yourselves.
  3. BOLD Edition

    Rocket League

    I've watched a few sessions of friends playing it; I find it pretty engaging to watch. Not sure I would spend a lot of time with it personally, but it seems very social. I am still hoping we come together on something soon that both myself and mXm are really into. #itcan happen In the meantime my time is still split between Destiny, ESO and GTAV. I recently bought a Japanese import Vita (The Gundam collectors edition in white) and have been playing Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment game while on the move.
  4. BOLD Edition

    Hey guys....I'm back and as usual....

    Hey man, welcome back. You can add me on PSN; I am BOLDedition there as well. Be easy and take care.
  5. BOLD Edition

    WELCOME to the House of WOLVES!

    I heard this song by FOEBros in the Destiny Bungie Day video that released last week; good stuff. Highlights one of the Destiny DLC's that released earlier this year. If you watch any anime, its got a very anime intro feel to it (which I appreciate a lot).
  6. BOLD Edition

    Happy Birthday BalzOnYer4Head!

    Happy Birthday Balz! (you know, I don't remember getting ANY reception on my birthday recently -- but I was out of town and maybe missed it!)
  7. BOLD Edition

    The Great Purge of 2015

    Strange, my last reply here was deleted (or I never hit submit). Project Cars was the latest game purged from my library; it is a fantastic game and I believe will have a ton of longevity among the simulated racing community. I am just not willing to put the necessary laps in to really make it worth playing. I noticed The Division is getting a beta in December on XB1, so hopefully a PS4 beta will quickly follow!
  8. BOLD Edition

    The Great Purge of 2015

    Every year, roughly post-E3, I end up deleting a number of games from the console that I haven't played in awhile. Its a practice I've had for about five years and it has been liberating. Every game I've removed, save a few, I have enjoyed countless hours of gameplay. Then comes the time for me to take stock of what I'm really enjoying and delete the rest. Rather than list all the games I have removed this weekend, I'll just highlight what I am playing: The Elder Scrolls Online Destiny Both of those games are long term commitments for me; I have retained two other games that I enjoy but have no idea when (or if) i'll get back to them anytime soon: Grand Theft Auto V Project Cars Over the next 6-8 months, I'll be adding two games to the rotation alongside TESO and Destiny: Star Wars Battlefront The Division I expect to get a lot of time in with both of those (in different ways, for instance Battlefront is going to be the title I run two when I've got a relatively small window of time, like 15-30min). I thought it would be a good exercise to share with the rest of the mXm family what my gaming hustle is looking like right now. At the moment the only title I would cross paths with anyone here is Project Cars (Andy, I've been appreciating your invites even though I don't accept them at the moment!) Maybe I will see some of you on Battlefront as it looks like it will be a solid replacement for the latest Battlefield, which I couldn't get into that much. At this time I still think I am building a game PC in January, but we'll see. There have been some goings on in my life recently that has me reevaluating whether or not to buy one at all. Hope you all are doing well. Be easy and take care!
  9. BOLD Edition

    Project CARS Videos

    Great stuff, man; and I like that you were able to extend the social aspect as well by finding some clean racers. You thinking about investing in a wheel setup now?
  10. BOLD Edition

    Project CARS Videos

    Very cool and fun! Thanks for sharing; I apologize for not getting in on the action, but, you can only play so many games at once, and I am knee deep into a Destiny event that is running for a week (or at least I was; now I'm working all weekend!)
  11. BOLD Edition


    Who is still playing the game? I'm about a month out before I make a decision to start purchasing parts for the build. Lack of activity in this thread makes me wonder if I should be buying new parts for my motorcycle instead! Also, I just discovered that Sennheiser makes gaming headsets. God help me; that's almost enough to make me go full pc, no console, period.
  12. BOLD Edition

    Project CARS

    I hope to get back on the track sooner than later; the next month is busy for me with our 16yr wedding anniversary (been together 19yrs), my 41st and fathers day, plus a couple of weddings I have to travel for. In the meantime, I am grinding away with friends and family in Destiny; plus Neal Stephenson's new book just came out, so I have to get my reading on as well. Hope you are all good. BTW, Andy owes me breakfast. This cat came all the way down here and got turned out by Boston and had to skip breakfast. Get your whiskey game tight, son.
  13. BOLD Edition

    Friends, Homies, Countrymen! (An Introduction)

    DAMN, I just realized its been OVER A YEAR since I first made this post introducing myself to mXm (02/10/2014). Although I haven't been a member that entire time, I have really enjoyed getting to know you so far. Aeterna Est Fides.
  14. BOLD Edition


    The directional/mini-compass that was in persistent in the middle is pretty cool. I will have to look for that. Also, there seemed to be a chat notifier or something that would pop up on the right; I wonder what that was.
  15. BOLD Edition

    Project CARS

    Those stock cars were SO hard to handle, man. We nred to figure out the best circuit to race those on. To my knowledge none of the oval tracks exist in the game yet. Also, can you create a PCARS subforum under Gaming? Sounds like we are embedded enough to warrant it at this point, right?