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  1. Ah, yeah I had that suspicion when I was looking over your clan page on Facebook last night. But, figured I'd stop by and say hello just in case either A.) There did happen to be a 360 squad somewhere among you. Or B.) If I do end up getting a PS4 then I'll look you all up in the future! (I haven't decided between getting a next gen console or putting that money into a gaming PC yet. ) But anyways, the kind words were no problem and I understand keeping your numbers down to avoid all the complications that tend to pop up if you get to big, to quickly. You all definitely seem to be on the right track though, so keep it going and take care!

    [MIA] Sign Me Up

    Name is Matt. (yes, there would be yet another one to remember if I'm accepted)
  3. Well let's see, my first name is Matthew. But most people just refer to me as Matt and that's fine too. I'm 31, my current gamertag is VCO OMINOUS (not sure how you would've missed it). Before that it was KSI OMINOUS and originally OmniSReSInstruO (In All Things Prepare) .That is a good description of my approach to gaming in general, do all things well! That said, I'm not the overly serious type. Online, you can just refer to me as Omni and I'll still respond since that was my moniker for years before all of this clan stuff. As for what consoles I own: Super Nintendo, N64, Original Playstation, Original Xbox, PS2 and PS3, Xbox 360. The only games which I've recently played online were: BF3 and now GTAV on the 360. I do however, own many more titles. Both FPS and other genres as well. Been a gamer pretty much all of my life since the original Nintendo days. Most Importantly: Why do I want to join MXM and how did I hear about you all? Seen the feature on the Rockstar website and was very impressed by both the formal welcome letter and patch, as well as the comment about helping your members who were impacted by Hurricane Katrina. Both of those struck me as signs of a class and organized operation which I would like to be apart of! Quick background on VCO, if you wish to know. It consisted of a group of fellow gamers I met while playing BF3 on the 360. At that time, they were all active members of KSI ( and recruited me into KSI as well. Shortly after I joined up however, they all decided to part ways from KSI and set out on their own. That left me in a bit of a pickle....stay in a global clan where I knew nobody, or stay loyal to and leave with those who recruited me in? So, I stayed loyal and left as well. I did so on amicable terms however and could easily return to KSI if I so choose. ;) Anyways, not long after all of this occurred a few of the guys joined various branches of the armed forces, relocated, sold their consoles, etc. That marked the end of the original VCO or VanWar Company. I then changed the meaning of the initials and founded the (V)ersatile ©alculating (O)perators.
  4. Welcome to the forums VCO OMINOUS !