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  1. Johnny Utah

    For Utah

    Nice work mandingo! I'll do some minor tweeks and make it perfect.
  2. Johnny Utah

    Whats Up Guys!

    [quote name='ODIN' timestamp='1303739377' post='1204'] I plan on picking up Mortal Kombat as well even though I dont play fighting games it looks really badass! This MK is a throwback to the fun and excitment of how it used to be to go to the movies or arcade and pop quarters into the machine
  3. Johnny Utah

    Zipper's latest socom Ideas
  4. Johnny Utah

    Did you Pre-Order S4?

    [quote name='kotaco' timestamp='1303092154' post='1163'] have it preordered.. i dont know if i want it or something else though Big Dilemma.... New Mortal Kombat is released this week then in no time new BF will be released... too many games comming out to get sucker punched by a shitty one
  5. Johnny Utah

    Did you Pre-Order S4?

    Did anyone Pre-order Socom 4 or even plan on buying it?
  6. Johnny Utah

    SOCOM 4 Public Beta

    [quote name='ODIN' timestamp='1302902854' post='1137'] 0.o Hey Crazy Eyes... juuuu looking at me? Duke Nukem
  7. Johnny Utah

    SOCOM 4 Public Beta

    [quote name='ODIN' timestamp='1302891501' post='1134'] so curious question... I am buying socom and will not prematurely trade it in if I don't like it in hopes they listen to their community, or release old maps etc. With that said, will people be going back to COD? I really enjoyed the DLC maps and more are on the way. Even after playing the Socom beta and playing Black Ops it just feels smooth and shall I say it? GOOD! I don't want to give up so soon knowing Zipper can make or break this game with updates but its a long way off. So as a clan what shooter is going to be home base if SOCOM turns to shit? Ill probably be on COD. O~ Duke Nuke Forever
  8. Johnny Utah

    The Only S-4 Review that Matters

    Hairy Manback yum yum
  9. Johnny Utah

    SOCOM 4 Review

    Don't buy it, seriously this is capitalism at its finest... where is michael moore
  10. Johnny Utah

    SOCOM 3/10 Review

    [quote name='BalzOnYer4Head' timestamp='1302710534' post='1121'] I honestly think I am going to cancel my preorder. Move it over to portal 2 which I have reserved as well. I know that this is exactly what the game is gonna feel like. I really am starting to hate Zipper. Those assholes haven't been doing what we have asked since S3. I was going to preorder off Amazon... problem solved not going to now.. not with the numerous buckets of shit being dumped on this load I picked up MAG for 20 bucks and plan on playing that for a bit
  11. Johnny Utah

    SOCOM 4 Review

    Question... How many Friends will I make when I rock this Jam Open Mic style on S-4? Theme Song Theme Song 2
  12. Johnny Utah

    SOCOM 4 Review

    [quote name='kotaco' timestamp='1302640718' post='1112'] Well said Translation.... FAIL
  13. Johnny Utah

    SOCOM 4 Public Beta

    [quote name='kotaco' timestamp='1302319286' post='1085'] SOCOM was always good for people jumping out and scaring me from time to time.. Just a little whoa where the hell did you come from factor. Miss that. Sandstorm use to scare me... that rush of being the last man wandering around that dark ass map...
  14. Johnny Utah

    SOCOM 4 Public Beta

    [quote name='kotaco' timestamp='1302234496' post='1077'] I've been playing classic mode and Im not enjoying it very much, I just dont like the game modes thus far except suppression since thats the only slow one, all the game modes are all about rush to point a and rush to point b so far. I liked the option we used to have with breach and what not to take our time, breach a door here and camp it for a minute, breach a gate over there to distract and move back to the previous breach. Hold off on moving the VIPs until the predetermined time.. right now I just feel its rush here plant bomb, rush here capture point. Even in the classic mode.. Once again, suppression exempt. I also feel that these Maps are too big. And that the gameplay is more MAG 2.0 than it will ever be SOCOM I understand you guys like it so far, I just dont have the taste for it.. Im still trying, Im at level 8 so far and have a M4 Mod 3 but its still just bleh for me The custom game mode isnt bad since you can turn the stupid stuff off like covering and health regen and what not.. Its a good game, but not what I was looking for See I am not too big into ranking to earn shit for my weapons... I find that gay. I still want some damn pistols...
  15. Johnny Utah

    SOCOM 4 Public Beta

    This video is +1 for Socom 4