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  1. weathermatt

    My nerdy doodles

    Thought you might like this Randy.
  2. weathermatt

    Guess whose getting hitched

  3. weathermatt

    Happy Birthday srans

    Happy Birthday!!
  4. weathermatt

    COD AW

    I don't use Hard-Wired at all. I do keep it on one of my classes just in case it becomes an issue though. But I pretty much only play TDM and rarely see System Hack used. I do however see it being used a lot more in the other modes like Domination. So I think HW would be much more useful in the other game modes.
  5. weathermatt

    Old school member

  6. weathermatt

    West Coasters

    I am Andy. San Diego.
  7. weathermatt

    Happy and Safe Holidays

    Thanks Randy! Same to you and everyone else.
  8. weathermatt

    Advanced Warfare

    ​No apology needed. Life is always first Matty. I am dying to know what car you drive. ​Acura RDX
  9. weathermatt

    Advanced Warfare

    I did get it for PS3. I didn't buy a PS4 yet. Like Odin said I've had two issues in the last few weeks with my car. A flat tire which couldn't be repaired that turned into 4 new tires. Then I had routine maintenance the next week and was told I blew a front shock. Of course you have to buy them in pairs heh. So I just dumped $2K into my car. I have the funds, I just don't like spending a bunch on money at one time. So maybe here soon I will get it. Sorry.
  10. weathermatt

    Advanced Warfare

    Yes I will more then lkely be getting a PS4 too. Finally heh.
  11. weathermatt

    Advanced Warfare

    I will be getting it.
  12. weathermatt

    I am going to Vegas, to PLAY VIDEO GAMES!

    Bold, definitely go to the Pinball Museum. It's on Tropicana. I go to Vegas a lot and almost always make a trip there. Can easily spend a couple hours there and not get bored. Addams Family has always been my favorite Pinball game. I really like Mars attacks also.
  13. weathermatt

    Destiny classes

    Ok. Thanks bold. I'll be leaving on a trip this weekend. Maybe when I get back in a couple weeks I'll go out get a PS4 finally so i can play with eveyone again.
  14. weathermatt

    Destiny classes

    Is everyone Playing Destiny on PS4 only? Can PS3 and PS4 play together? If anyone knows.
  15. weathermatt


    Haha yea, I went to download it today and saw it ended.