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  1. ingram

    [M~K] Morbid Killas

    Oh my god. The nostalgia of an Invisionfree forum with the custom CSS and the rotating affiliate banner.
  2. She's making me French toast biscuits. You wish you were me.

  3. Battlefield or MW3? ...neither. Skyrim.

  4. Only a real man loves the movie Grease.

  5. The only pale badass named Edward also has scissors for hands.

  6. ingram


    Andy, you being a web developer, are you able to develop mobile applications? I have an idea and I can design the whole thing, I just need someone with a coding backbone. And we'd split whatever came of it 50/50.
  7. ingram

    GT5 Racing Team?

    I'm unsure if I should buy GT5 or not. I rented it, and I liked it. But I'm not sure if it's worth my money. So if you guys pick it up and start playing, then I'll see what I can do.
  8. ingram

    GT5: Your FAVORITE car

    I'm prolly gonna rent this game tomorrow. I've heard the graphics are wondrous.
  9. ingram

    Clan Patch

    Looks great. Lemme know how it all works out.
  10. ingram

    Roll Call

    Reporting in.
  11. ingram

    Getting Our Pulse Back

    I'm a macfag.
  12. ingram

    What's everyone been up to?

    Well I'm going to Louisiana Tech now. Not sure about what I'll major in, but it'll come to me somehow. Other than that, I'm pretty much the same ol guy.