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    GTA V: Car Duplication

    Quick Instructions on How To Duplicate: Find someone who has the car you want and hop in with them in any seat. Call up Gerald or another character and start a mission. Go ahead an start that mission by yourself, when you start you will be in a duplicate car. Put that car in your garage during the mission. Either complete or fail the mission. When you exit the duplicated car will be in your garage. Insure it!   Duping Obey Tailgater & Franklin's Buffalo:   I currently have two rare cars that I can share if you want one. Franklin's Buffalo Obey Tailgater   Note: the plate of the buffalo reads "EXPLOITS" as that was the way it was set for the guy who gave it to me. I don't yet have custom plates, but a person I did this for said his custom plates overwrote that. So it shouldn't be an issue.
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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    We here at mXm wish all of you and yours a safe holiday with friends, food, and family.
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    [quote name='BalzOnYer4Head' timestamp='1382751481' post='3455'] I play either of them because you all do. Otherwise, if there was a good TPS on a console, I'd be with Unit gettin tactical, hell we would all be gettin tactical. Lookin forward to The Division and H-Hour. BS, you play so you can prestige and call people homosexual slurs. Be honest. :P
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    AR15 Build

    [quote name='kotaco' timestamp='1336245442' post='2055'] I wonder what will happen if you look directly at the laser. You'll see everything in 1080p
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    Spent a lot of time on GTA this morning just driving around trying to find some jumps to hit and see the sites ... Had one crazy jump that I had to get on youtube . It was a fun morning ...
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    [quote name='kotaco' timestamp='1392167146' post='4176'] SIDEBAR: Kotaco, is it possible for you to add me to the crew online in GTA? I understand if there is a probationary period where you have to actually evaluate how I get down online. :) Yeah I'll add you, the "probationary period" is more so for general membership to the clan itself, but we don't mind having you on the GTA crew to have a home so to speak.
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    H-Hour Pre-Alpha Build Unveil!

    Correct Odin and thanks for sharing! @ Andy, you bet your ass I gave some good input! As soon as I am allowed (as in SOF studios gives the Alpha testers the greenlight) I will have a full write up on my experience at the studio and with H-Hour! Lets just say I have not been this excited about a shooter in a VERY LONG TIME.   I absolutely can say that this is the game we all have been waiting for. I encourage all of our members to get over to the H-Hour forums and get involved. They are very forthcoming with information and really thrive on the community feedback that they get from sharing screenshots or even their Alpha build video releases. They are doing something that no other studio does when it comes to these kinds of things. Knowing how rabid the SOCOM community is, and fully understanding the line in the sand they are making when they say "The spiritual successor to SOCOM 1 and 2", the devs and community leaders are actively posting and getting feedback on all sorts of aspects of the game.   So...friggen...pumped, for this game!
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    GTA V: Car Duplication

    Hey man can I have the Buffalo please. My PSN ID is KING-FISHER8 and if you add me, I'll probably be playing this afternoon if that's okay :D I also have a few rare cars that i can duplicate for you aswell if you want - such as the Benefactor Schafter, Canis Bodhi (Trevors Truck), Special Canis Mesa (The merryweather variant) and the Imponte Phoenix. Done
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    Kind of Quiet

    This place will ebb and flow with life events and gaming events being the main catalysts. Usually on the weekends I have some sort of house chore to do, especially in the summer here in FL where its the rainy season. The Foliage and I are constantly at war. At night if I dont have to work on Saturday, sometimes even if I do, and she is at work, I game it up. When she is off I try to spend some QT with her. I also take care of my chickens, I have a small flock of five "egg layers". I clean their coop, water and food bowls, fresh bedding. With my little Jetta now past 200 thousand on the clock, there is always something that needs replaced, or upgraded. In the summer though I usually just do whats needed as its too friggen hot for stuff I want to do. Of course there is the customary fucking off on the internets. Also, masturbation A LOT of masturbation. :rubout:
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    Induced Horizon

    Thanks for stopping by. Indeed H-Hour is on all of our lists. When you tout something like "Spiritual Successor to the original SOCOM's", you are going to have our attention. We love that old style of tactical, third person, one life to live type of gameplay. Send us some invites, and we'll send ya some too. Come hang out if ya like, we usually post in the shoutbox when jumping on to a particular title. You won't be the oldest gamer that hangs out in the community. (ha ha Odin) and I am 37. But the age range here goes from early 20's into the 40's. It was definitely all downhill from S3. We some how manged to stay alive and even pick up some new members along the way. We are a laid back group that like to get our frag (and race) on as a way to relax. Also, Andy will teamkill you in a hot second, without warning. Don't take it personal, he cant help it, he's Canadian.
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    The story of "Unit"

    [quote name='BalzOnYer4Head' timestamp='1375361012' post='2991'] That was a great read! Got me a little misty eyed! This will also answer the questions of those who wonder why I call you Unit from time to time. Its just the name that stuck in my head for you, and now, I use it as a reference to your long standing position with the clan. There isnt a single dooubt in my mind that had you gone your separate way, this clan would of perished like many others. You are, and always will be, our friend, and a cornerstone of this community. Thanks for all you have done, Unit. Very well said Balz. I also always think in my head that 'Unit' is the name that should be used. Any time I say kotaco (probably mispronouncing it every time) it just doesn't feel right. Also, I'd like to point out a slight incorrect statement. When the two new consoles were announced, it was decided on that we would jump ship to Xbox. I spent an entire paycheque getting a used Xbox 360 so I could play with my beloved mXm, and get into some serious online racing with Balz on Forza. THEN we jumped ship again :handjob: to PS3 and I had to sell my Xbox 360 to buy a used PS3 so I could once again be with my beloved mXm on SOCOM: Confrontation. Needless to say I'm pretty glad we're fairly set on which next-gen console we're decided on. :rocker: :headbang: :intoit:
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    The story of "Unit"

    That was a great read! Got me a little misty eyed! This will also answer the questions of those who wonder why I call you Unit from time to time. Its just the name that stuck in my head for you, and now, I use it as a reference to your long standing position with the clan. There isnt a single dooubt in my mind that had you gone your separate way, this clan would of perished like many others. You are, and always will be, our friend, and a cornerstone of this community. Thanks for all you have done, Unit.
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    The mXm Appeal

    It's crazy to think about this now, having been in the clan for such a damn long time, but I still remember back in the day how a community of tens of thousands would talk about mXm. After having joined the Sony forums trying to get my headset to work properly (as many did) I perused through each of the SOCOM sub-forums they offered, and kept seeing this clan, mXm. Never a negative word from any sane individual (we all know the words of Manny_Rayy, or however he spelled it). I was intrigued. Never having been in a clan before, it sounded like fun, but from what I saw on the forums, getting into mXm was a very prestigious event, and having only just signed up for the forums, I never thought I'd be recruited. I ended up joining Omni-Tek [.:.] with Assault-Rylox being the leader and had some fun with those guys, being a no-BS clan themselves. We had some fun, and got to play with mXm on a regular basis. I instantly understood where everyone came from - everyone on mXm was easy going, no seriousness whatsoever, and one of the VERY few clans who actually allowed, and encouraged, the use of grenade launchers/rocket launchers. Little did I know this would really be a curse thanks to the surgical precision of one BalzOnYer4Head. Then one of the greatest things happened - a message from Assault-Rylox indicating that we would be merged with mXm. Remember when I said I never thought I'd be recruited? Yeah, I really was never recruited. That was almost 10 short years ago, and in that decade there has been so much shit go on in this clan, but we've never strayed from our roots, regardless of the challenges that were put in front of us, and that is the original reason I wanted to join this clan, and one of the reasons I'm still here today.
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    Annoucing Balz as Leader

    Important Updates In mXm 12/31/2004 Another congratulations goes to RYNO our new Executive Officer (XO). Who will head up SOCOMQUEST from here on out. Finally, Congrats to *TRAGIC* who has now been appointed to the position of Sgt. Major. He will head mXm's GB activities and all activities of that nature. Congrats once again to all of our promoted and new staff. Posted by SOCOM Unit 1 on the mXm website Balz Posts His Mission Statement 1/25/2005 Now that I have been in the "hot seat" for a little while, I have been able to figure out what my role as leader to this community is. This isnt only my role, but my duty to all of you. I will do my best, with the officers at my side, to ensure that all of you mXmbers, old and new alike, have a place online that you can hang out with fellow gamers and peers. This place will be a release from the everyday trials and tribulations in life. A place where "everyone knows your name". I will do my best, with the officers at my side, to stay proactive in the online gaming community, and support a fun enviroment for gamers to get there frag on. In SOCOM, and future releases. Lastly, I will do my best, with my officers to keep me in check, provide swift and fair deciscions, to situations that will effect the community and any of its members. All of this with the community's best intrests in mind.
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    Happy Birthday mXm

    On January 1st 2013, mXm celebrated it's 9th birthday, and 9th year of bringing gamers of many different backgrounds, ages, and experiences together as one family. 9 years ago on that day, January 1st 2004, a gamer by the name of mXm Juggernaut created what would become this group you see before you today, and although he has retired from gaming to focus on family, we still keep him in our hearts and cherish the great times and new family he gave us a chance to be a part of, as well as the memories of all our other great members and friends that have come and gone. For our current members today it has been a pleasure spending these past years with you in our tight-knit family, and even through our slow spells when life gets in the way of gaming, we remain mXmbers united together because it's not just about playing video games, it's about spending time with our friends and family away from home. We look forward to the years to come and the games we have yet to conquer! Aeterna Est Fides! The mXm Command Staff Click here to view the article
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    AR15 Build

    I have ordered my upgrades! I have purchased a bottom rail mount, front grip, 3x9 scope, red dot sight, extra magazine, and a tactical sling. I got it all from this place called I will snap some pics, before and after once it all arrives. One step closer to gettin this thing on the range and zero'd!
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    Hello Everyone

    It will be nice to have a good sniper on our side. How are ya at counter sniping? I am terrible at sniping, but absolutely love the SOFLAM in conjunction with a Javelin equipped engineer to knock birds outta the sky and reduce tanks to smoldering piles of metal. Its essential in crushing the enemies ability to use vehicles on us. Now that we might have a dedicated sniper, maybe you can utilize the SOFLAM and I can get some Javelin kills. :lol: Your sniping ability on Sieine Crossing was giving us fits over Delta. So much so I threw all caution to the wind, stormed up them stairs, got your tags, and as I was celebrating this, Unit gunned me down. Damn it. Was good times though!
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    Hello Everyone

    [quote name='BalzOnYer4Head' timestamp='1335758521' post='1929'] Welcome to the community. You are indeed good with a sniper, as I caught a lot of your well aimed bullets. ($%$#$%##$) :lol: Look forward to more fraggin with ya! You should have heard it "Come on Balz, peek around that corner. I just wanna see your pretty face" BOOM
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    Odin's Joy

    My little girl, Lilianne Belva Alvarez entered the world on Tuesday, November 29th at 1:13pm. She was 6lbs 10oz and 19 and 1/4 inches long. Mother and baby are doing great! (I am not able to post in the shout box, otherwise i would have told you guys sooner. Here are a few pics to share... yep... Im a daddy and it feels good! see you guys online! (yes I will be gaming still...actually a little more with my schedule) Minutes old. so tiny Tired but beautiful mama! here is my first video I shot of her being held by my godmother... I understand what they mean by kiss sleep goodbye.. thats why they invented coffee!!! see you all soon! O~
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    Ipad 2

    Call me Crazy!!! But Id much rather have a laptop... tablets are cool but way over priced for what they do compared to a laptop. My ::: 2 cents:::
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    Ipad 2

    [quote name='Deucedeuse' timestamp='1299558546' post='865'] none of these statements are helping... I think you should get the Moto Xoom. Why? Because it has mXm in the name. But actually I really know nothing about any of them.
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    Hello, and thank you for your interest in enlisting with Clan mXm! We are a tight-knit group of gamers who love playing games for the fun of the game. We are not out solely to the achieve status as best of the best, we do not hold mandatory practices or game nights, nor do we religiously participate in gaming ladders or leagues. No... we play because we enjoy playing video games, and doing so with people we like playing with. Now, don't get us wrong. We very much enjoy a communication filled, tactics driven style of gameplay and do quite well for ourselves when we're in that "zone." But that's not what we're all about. Over the past decade, we have developed into more of a family than anything else and it is something about this clan that we all cherish. While some members may come and go, the true "mXmbers" stay loyal for life. These are the people who really click with who we are and what we do. They get it, and they like being a part of it. Our mXmbers, as we've come to call them, would do just about anything for each other. And that's just one more thing that makes being in this clan.. on this team.. in this family, that much better. If you're interested in joining this gaming family and becoming an mXmber! We look forward to hearing from you! PRIMARY PREREQUISITES FOR ENLISTMENT Must Register With The Clan Site / Community Forums Obviously you're well on your way to doing this. This site/forum is our primary method of communication and organization. Must Have An Enjoyable Personality We get that's a tad subjective, but basically, the reason we have such loyal members is because we love to hang out with each other, everybody brings something unique to the table. So if we can have fun, you'll want to be here and we'll want you to stay. Must Be A Team Player We are a family, and family comes first. Always. Preferably 18+ Things run more smoothly with an all adult clan vs a mixed one in our previous experience. Plus we enjoy not hearing squeaky voices on the mic. But ... exceptions have been made in the past, if you're really worried about it, just play some rounds with us and we can get to know you. Maturity & Sportsmanship Required We pride ourselves on professionalism and respect. We expect all of our members to possess both, and to show it. Should Not Obsess Over Rank/Points/Wins/Trophies/Medals We play to have fun, winning is just a frequent bonus, what you do on your own time is up to you though. NO Rank Up Rooms / Cheating / Glitching (in competition style games) We consider ourselves above such activities, if the game is meant to be a skill based one or we're taking part in a clan war, play it honestly. You Must Have A Mic! We are a "tactical" clan, we communicate in game to organize strategies, call out enemy positions and so on. So a mic is mandatory. We reserve the right to amend or bypass any of the above prerequisites at the discretion of mXm Command. SUBMITTING AN APPLICATION FOR ENLISTMENT Please create a topic/post in this forum stating you'd like to join our team. Be sure to include as much information about yourself and your intentions as possible! Some things to include would be: What's your name and age? Where are you from and what do you do? What's your gaming tag? What consoles do you own? What games do you currently play online? How did you hear about us? Why you want to become a part of mXm? Any other pertinent information or things you'd like to share. Ready? CLICK HERE TO CREATE AN APPLICATION!
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    Happy Birthday Srans!!!

    Hope you have a super day.   Here is your cake:  
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    [quote name='kotaco' timestamp='1375617404' post='2999'] Who would those be? UF john aka sadist (former member of Virtuoso Guild, KO, Merc City-Then merged with OPK - Called forgotten warriers [FW] ) - then UF only - Failed at making Gear Grinding Gaming-first concept that didnt catch on with socom community (Help provided by the known outlaws clan-(Raist, sadist, Ace where leaders) UF AC aka ace--- backer/manager UF went along with sadist since VG UF shane bell aka djhaole- community manager- hell i recruited him back in KO....he also fixed my computer back in the day :) any other contributors to UF im unaware/or dont know of....those are the ones i know. Very nice group of guys- (they split off KO when I actively played with them d/t leadership disputes- dont blame them.)
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    Hello Everyone

    Sorry for the double post, guess I didn't introduce myself formally enough now that I think about it. So here are my personal stats. Name: Chris Location: Arkansas / United States Age: 26 Sex: Male Game: Battlefield 3 Rank: 20 Preferred Class: Engineer / Recon Communication: Afterglow Bluetooth Earpiece Mic Average Playtime: Daily Playstyle: Competitive / But always out to have fun and enjoy myself PSN: Aranki85 Hope that is good enough, if not, feel free to ask me and I'll be happy to answer your questions.